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The Internet of Things is a term used to describe the internet or network of physical objects that are capable of sensing and/or interacting with their internal states or the external environment. This new technology has great potential for growth, but it still needs time to be fully developed. IoT devices are calling for entrepreneurs to develop solutions that can help them grow in their various industries.

The top 11 IoT devices are likely to be:

– Smart home device
– Smart appliances
– Remote controlled cars
– Interactive voice activated speakers
– Wearable fitness tracker
– Virtual reality headsets
– Smart watches
– Smart speakers
– Smart thermostats
– Connected cars
– Security cameras etc.

As IoT devices continue to evolve, new ones are being created to keep up with the pace of innovation. The world of IoT devices is evolving at an explosive rate.

Many IT vendors are investing in IoT technology not just because it offers a wide variety of features but also because it is an emerging marketplace that has plenty of room for growth. The main thing driving this growth? The increased need for smart homes, smarter cities, and more efficient businesses in the digital age.

Viomi Alpha(S9)
Emptying the dirt is not an absolute novelty. It is a technology that some manufacturers have already implemented, but the Viomi Alpha(S9) series is the first to do this at a price that is more acceptable, even “cheaper” if we look only at the competition from this area. In fact, the Viomi Alpha(S9) is sold with its attachment that collects the dust that the robot has vacuumed in the house in a more “classic” bag. In the package, in addition to these two elements, there is apparently a power cord, an extra side brush, a cloth that can be washed with water and finally some reusable cloths for the same purpose.

As you can see, the Chinese company has come up with a really novel way of creating some value for its customers. This robot vacuums the floors even while the owner is not using it, automatically cleaning it. This has a few benefits: The owner does not need to buy a new cleaning robot, he does not need to learn how to use it and the robot does not need to be trained or constantly programmed to remember where to clean. What is more, in addition to the innovative feature of the robot’s service mechanism, the fact that it doesn’t cost too much is also quite an advantage.

#Robot Vacuum

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