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About Me

Clovis Oldtown is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the word among Americans people. The news that we update and share in this site are original ideas and facts from the people living around you. We help them to spread their words through our site worldwide. Instead of converse each other among families, friends, colleagues, classmates and so on, where the news spread slowly and might stop at a certain point. Therefore, we give out the news widely and at a fast pace with a click and also you able to share it in your social media.

Clovis Oldtown was formed in 2000 as the news spreader on the website. We have a situation where we have to stop in the middle year 0f 2010 because of lack of support in term of info resources. We gather more people in the team that very passionately contribute their effort to our mission to be able to achieve our goal, which feeds more news to Americans people even they are so full of it but still hungry for more.

You can find us at:
523 Redbud Drive,
10013 New York,

Contact us by:
Email - [email protected]