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Haiwei Emerging Material is a company specializing in supplying of high purity alumina powder and special advanced alumina products. We strive hard to offer the first class quality products and best possible customer service and value and have set performance standards in every aspect of our business.

What is Alumina?

Alumina is a compound of aluminium oxide, with a formula often written Al2O3. The purest form of alumina is considered to be α-alumina or aluminum oxide. Once an industrial by-product and an unwanted substance found in slag, alumina has now become a valuable raw material for high tech industries worldwide. It is used in aluminum smelting, making of glass and ceramic, purification of semiconductor wafers, production of titanium dioxide pigment and insulation materials. It also has many diverse applications in the chemical industry such as purifying magnesium and removing nitric acid from ammonia gas streams. Alumina also finds use in the rubber industry as an anti-blocking agent for rubber products and can be used as a catalyst for hydrogenation reactions.

Alumina flakes benefits

Alumina flakes are a type of aluminum oxide. Alumina is the most common material used to manufacture dielectric ceramic capacitors, insulators, and coatings. It’s also used in the production of glassware, enamels, and porcelain. Alumina Flakes have many benefits: -High purity alumina powder -Various shapes and size available -Fantastic physical properties -Environmentally friendly material

Alumina flakes quality

Alumina flakes are manufactured by processing bauxite ore. They are also an alternative to mineral wool and can be used in place of or together with other insulation materials. Alumina flakes come in different grades, which is determined by the percentage of alpha alumina. Alumina Flake is the most popular grade of alumina because it has a high thermal conductivity and low heat storage properties, meaning it will keep heat away from people and equipment when used as insulation material. The grade that we offer is AA-1, which has a thermal conductivity of 15 W/mK and a heat storage property of 0.094 KJ/(m2*K). This is one of the best qualities that you can get for alumina flakes on the market today.

Alumina flakes for cosmetics

Alumina flakes are used in cosmetics, such as lipstick and blush. When combined with other ingredients, alumina flakes help provide color, texture and a smooth feel to the product. Alumina is also used in sunscreens, which helps block UV rays that cause skin damage.

Alumina flakes for food and beverages

Alumina is used in a variety of industries, mainly for food and beverage packaging. For example, alumina can be used to line the inside of cans which prevents corrosion and makes them more durable. It also helps to seal the cans for a better quality product that will last longer on store shelves. Alumina has been proven to keep canned foods fresher for longer periods of time. Alumina is also used in the manufacturing of disposable cups, plates and bowls. The aluminized coating helps keep the products clean without having to be washed in between uses. Another use for alumina flakes is as insulation in thermal insulation panels or foams or as an additive in asphalt roofing coverings.

Alumina flakes benefits for skin care

, medical industry The alumina flakes are a lightweight, powdery material. It has been widely used in the chemical and paper industries, but its use has expanded to include other industries as well, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Alumina flake is used in the manufacturing process of medicines, health care products, toiletries and more. One of the most common alumina flake benefits for skin care is when it is used as an abrasive exfoliant. When applied to the skin, alumina flakes remove all dead skin cells and leave behind healthy new ones. Alumina flakes are also often used in medical gloves to prevent any contaminations from entering the sterile environment of a hospital or doctor’s office. Alumina flakes provide many benefits for both skin care and medical industries, making it an important product for those looking for quality additives in various products.

Alumina flakes for makeup

Alumina flakes are mainly used in the cosmetics and chemical industries. Alumina powder is classified as a drying agent and is used in some toothpastes, insect repellents, and sunscreens. Alumina flakes are made of 100% aluminum oxide with a purity level greater than 99%. It is an excellent material with high transparency and refractive index. Alumina Flake can be widely used in cosmetics, such as deodorant and toothpaste; also in chemical industries such as catalysts, adsorbents, catalyst carriers, flame retardants; also in other fields such as metal coatings, fire-proof materials and thermal insulators.

Alumina flakes for cleaning and polishing

Alumina flakes are used in many industries, such as ceramic and glass production. Alumina is one of the most versatile minerals on earth. It’s a strong and light material that can be molded into so many different shapes. One industry alumina is used in is cleaning and polishing. Alumina has very good chemical resistance, which makes it a good material for cleaning purposes. It can withstand chemicals like hydrochloric acid or nitric acid without reacting to them. You’ll also find alumina in many industrial processes because it can withstand high temperatures without melting or breaking down. And because alumina has porous surfaces, it’s a really good surface for polishing things like metals.Alumina Flakes

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